Risk-Based Portfolio Construction


Portfolio allocations will be based on the client’s risk tolerance, financial profile, overall goals, and will include tax optimization strategies. In other words, younger people with longer investment periods have different profile than a middle-aged couple planning for retirement in a few short years.

Risk tolerance includes a number of factors including a client’s age, marital status, number of dependents, and overall comfort with the market. Financial profiles help ensure the portfolio allocation chosen makes sense for the client. In order to construct the profile, a full accounting of existing investment and retirement accounts.

Many people leave behind old retirement accounts that need to be consolidated and properly managed. Our services include providing advice on the proper allocation of investments across a clients entire portfolio, including employer-provided 401(k) retirement accounts or other accounts. A complete financial profile also allows for an ability for a client to understand and to manage effectively their retirement.
The tax optimization will be discussed in the its own section.


All of this information will provide the basis for the construction of an appropriate portfolio of low cost index ETFs. This portfolio will be constructed based on the factors and will reflect the client’s overall goals. The portfolio construction and ongoing maintenance will include working across the various existing retirement platforms to the ensure the client’s overall goals are properly pursued.